Privacy Policy

EU Data Protection Law

I currently do not collect or store any EU personal data via my website, nor do I track data for the purposes of analytics. This is a gallery-only site, for the purpose of displaying my artwork in a manner that allows others to see it, and I do not currently use it for commerce.

If you email me through the Contact form on this website, it will provide me with your email and IP address. If you use the Contact form you are consenting to share this information with me. I do not give out that data to third-party sources, and I use it only to reply to your contact or query. 

Squarespace websites are equipped with tracking software to monitor and generate statistics such as page views, and website usage. This is non-personal data. I do not currently have this feature turned on and am not currently collecting this data. (You can remove analytic cookies and trackers by clearing your browser cookes and cache.)