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    Welcome to the home of my online portfolio and gallery! Please have a look around and leave a comment if you feel so moved. Thanks for stopping by!


    AAAAH!!! A website!!!!

    This new website for my art is long overdue. I think perhaps I was hoping I would magically grow up and learn to make a website without actually getting brain overload, or perhaps the Website Fairy would visit me and and POOF, it would appear, and I would, I guess, awaken to find a website? But what fun would that be, really? I finally just dived in and looked at the help vids, made it WAY MORE COMPLICATED than it had to be, ran around in a circle for a while, and then did it.

    Honestly, it was just like learning the rules to a new game, or composing a new illustration-- I don't absorb anything until I am DOING it. Playing the game while learning. Composing with a pencil (and the all-important eraser!) in my hand. I really envy people who can intellectualize their process. I seem to have a wall up in my brain that prevents me from truly understanding without doing the work first. Like math or physics-- give me a zillion sample problems and I will learn it! Without those sample problems, however, it's all just noise to me-- noise I think I maybe kinda sorta understand, but without doing work, that germ of understanding will never sprout into an, er, Understanding Tree? (Observe how skillfully I slay the metaphor!!!)

    What I'm finally getting around to saying here is that painting, drawing, and any kind of illustration for me is just like making this website. I have studied it in school (except for the illustration). I have read about it in book after book after book. I have talked to other artists and gotten my portfolios reviewed over the years by some of the shiniest names in the business. But until I incorporate those words and tips and techniques into something my own hands put out there at the behest of my own brain, often assisted by an art director whose vision I am birthing into the world, I do not understand. Then, by DOING, suddenly things swim into focus!!! Suddenly I understand what one artist told me about focal point, and another told me about color and value, and another told me about edges.

    STILL I struggle, still I learn. still I strive to do better-- that's my goal in a nutshell: to make each painting or illustration better than the last. I will work until my last breath to make that goal happen!

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