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    Cambridge update!

    Here I am in Cambridge, UK, on a proper painting holiday!!! I have walked, snapped photos, sketched, biked, snapped photos, sketched, walked, drawn, inked, oil painted, and biked and walked some more!!!

    There is a lot of food for inspiration here-- architecture from the 1040s through the modern era! In between talks about ladybug stress, fairy sex, and how to navigate the local area when drunk, I've been practicing my ink technique on both architectural and organic forms. I like to use fine point Micron archival pens, one with a .05 mm nib, one .005 mm nib, and a .01 mm nib for supplement. I've tried to be loose and free form, even with fine ink work, so I don't sketch with pencil beforehand, but just try to let the shapes flow together comprehensively. This has led me to some compositional nightmares that have been fun to fix, and the whole process has become really enjoyable!


    Additionally, Cambridge artist Diana Probst invited me to visit her studio and shared some of her oil painting techniques. She taught me many valuable lessons about oil painting that have been really difficult for me, as a longtime acrylic painter, to process. We started with a simple still life, a bell pepper turning from green to yellow, and in the afternoon allotted, I was able to do two renditions (one of the 'front' and one of the 'back). I could tell I was absorbing the technique because the second painting was a definite improvement over the first.


    There was a lovely life drawing session that we attended at King's College-- the model was terrific at being still and yet not stiff! I did some ink and brush to warm up, followed by a 45 minute pencil drawing. Coming soon  are some photos of my various sketches of Cambridge people, places, and things. I helpfully neglected to photograph the paintings, but hopefully Diana can send me some later.

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