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    Melissa Gay is a critically-acclaimed artist of speculative fiction book covers, roleplaying games, botany manuals, and even a tarot deck. Her character redesigns have been featured on io9 and tor.com, and her original paintings are in the hands of private collectors around the world. Whether depicting criminal masterminds, comic book heroes, deep space, eldritch horror, child mermaids or sentient bugs, she strives to inject diversity and a touch of dreamlike wonder into all her work.

    Publishers she has worked with include Mythopoeic Press, Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd., Hay House, Apex Press, Pelgrane Press, Evil Hat, DOJ, Margaret Weis Productions, Third Eye Games, Dead Gentlemen, Cosm Games, Blackwyrm Press, Accessible Games, Immersion Press, and Sagaborn.

    Her game credits include illustrations for the multi-award-winning Dresden Files RPG, HERO 6th edition, Fantasy HERO and its supplement Book of Dragons; Trail of Cthulhu supplements such as The Dracula Dossier, the ENnie award nominated Dreamhounds of Paris, and Soldiers of Pen and Ink; the Firefly RPG supplement Freedom Flyer, the Crimeworld Fate Core supplement, the ENnie Award nominated Mermaid Adventures, Camp Myth, and Infestation: A Game of Bugs and Heroes; Part-Time Gods and its supplements, Psi-Punk and its supplements, the Dungeon World supplement Plague of Storms, The Algernon Files NPC superheroes sourcebooks, The Elves of Uteria and its supplements, and the Demon Hunters RPG. Her speculative fiction book covers include Sara M. Harvey's Penemue trilogy (Apex Press), and  HebrewPunk (Apex Press) and Jesus and the Eightfold Path (Immersion Press edition) for World Fantasy Award winning author Lavie Tidhar. Recently she has branched into children's illustration with Cathy Coley's Felix the Comet.

    Art Directors can reach her at gay.melissa@gmail.com. For all other inquiries, please use the contact form on the sidebar.